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About Us

Mission Statement

Extending Christ’s Healing Ministry

Meaning: In cooperation with the Divine Healer, we dedicate our service to the restoration of the whole person by encouraging obedience to the natural laws, emphasizing temperance, and incorporating modern scientific methods so that each patient enjoys a high degree of healthful living.

We are committed to maintaining an environment in which health care workers and professionals can have the exposure and opportunities to grow and utilize their skills to meet the needs of the community.

The accomplishment of our mission is guided by a shared commitment to treat our patients like family.  We pledge to treat everyone at Andrews Memorial Hospital with respect, honesty, dignity and excellent clinical care.

Vision Statement

Excellence in the Delivery of Health Care in the Region.
Meaning: We will work with our employees, nurses and physicians to build a patient centered institution that is focused on the healing, health and well being of our patients and community.


Dedicated to Healing the Whole Person

Core Values

Quality * Integrity * Compassion * Collaboration * Commitment

Andrews Memorial Hospital, strategically located in the city of Kingston, is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are the number one stand-alone hospital on the island.

The vision of Andrews Memorial Hospital is to be the leader in healthcare excellence by working with its employees and physicians to build an institution that is focused on the well-being of people, one that is patient oriented and offers world-class healthcare services.

We are dedicated to healing the whole person, by not only focusing on our patient’s physical health but also their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Historic Overview

The vision of establishing a hospital in Jamaica became a reality when the Seventh-day Adventist Church purchased Sulgrave Manor, a property with a large dwelling, in 1944. With the financial assistance of then Loma Linda Medical College in the United States (who donated $12,500) the property was purchased and renovations began for Andrews Memorial Hospital (named after J.N. Andrews, the first SDA missionary). The bed capacity at the time was 45.

Today, the Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH) operates a 60-bed facility – complete with a  four-room operating suite, intensive care unit, 24-hour accident and emergency unit, outpatient clinic, dental clinic, imaging and laboratory services, pharmacy and more – still “dedicated to healing the whole person” through quality, patient-focused care.


Andrews Memorial Hospital Limited is a locally incorporated entity operated by a Board of Directors. It was formed exclusively as a non-profit religious medical corporation for promotion of the wholeness of humanity, physically, mentally and spiritually in a manner which is consistent with the philosophy, teachings and practices of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A multi-disciplinary team provides holistic, quality, compassionate care to all its patients, families and communities, ever mindful of each individual’s dignity and right to self-determination.

The Board of Directors and the hospital’s team recognize that as a healthcare facility Andrews Memorial Hospital functions within a wider legal and regulatory environment and so adheres to the legal and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is situated.

Because the service team believes that the following core values best reflect the Healing Ministry of Jesus, its activities are guided by respect and dignity, compassion and caring, integrity, fairness and justice, competence and excellence, responsibility and accountability.

We also believe that:

• Life is a gift from God. Each person’s life is of great value and deserves respect in all its stages from conception until death regardless of race, gender, age, disability, religious affiliation, ethnic/national origin.

• Our service must be a witness to each individual we serve, and those with whom we serve, in a way that reflects Christian values.

• Our primary purposes are to prevent illness, relieve suffering and create a supportive environment where patients can rehabilitate or habilitate, and when the inevitable comes, provide the necessary comfort and support at the time of death.

• In all circumstances first consideration is given to our patients/clients.

• Special emphasis on pastoral care services for patients of all faiths is a primary need.

• Family and friends are of critical importance to the well being of each patient.

• Each employee makes an important contribution to the quality of life of our patients/clients, and so the institution must support their own development.

• Staff who are involved in decision-making about their work and work environment are more creative and accountable in providing quality care and solving problems on behalf of their patients, co-workers and visitors.

• In order to serve our community, we must be fiscally responsible, committed to environmental sensitivity and work in collaboration with other components of the health system

Management Structure
Administrative Services at Andrews Memorial are structurally organized to place the authority and responsibility for decision making at the Divisional level in consultation with departmental heads. The President/CEO assumes responsibility for administrative services. The incumbent assures through delegated administrative staff, compliance with all laws, regulations and policies. Administrative services are provided to:

• Medical Services
• Nursing Services
• Financial Services
• Marketing Services/ Public Relations
• Human Resources
• Support Services

Administration / Executive Committee (Administrative Council):

• Dr. L. Marvin Rouhotas Jr, President/Chief Executive Officer (Chair)

• Chief Medical Officer- Vacant

• Keith Shakespeare, Vice President- Operations

• Olive Duhaney-Williams, Financial Management Consultant

• Carol Morgan, Vice President- Nursing Services 

• Alanie Lewis, Human Resource Director

• Elena Burke-Thomas, Administrative Assistance to the President/CEO


27 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Flow Landline:  (876) 926-7401-3
Digicel Landline:  (876) 618-1810


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